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Since its inception in the early 1990’s, has established itself with a vision to become a pioneer in leading edge Technology-Based management solutions. At that time, it has chosen its strategy to work with several partners & alliances as a sub-contractor and/ or as a project manager. During this period of time, it has succeeded to work with several major firms in a variety of industries in the region, and was able to provide several solutions.

was re-established in Amman-Jordan, in the year 2001, by Mr. Sadeq S. Masoud, Management & Systems Expert, for the purpose of outsourcing consulting & IT solutions, and providing such services to the Arab countries and USA. It has taken a strategic decision to merge with a local Saudi firm in the year 2002. As a result of this, a “Production Center” was established for the new merger in Amman-Jordan, this center was able to conduct several projects in different areas (Management Consulting, Software Development, and Feasibility Studies) successfully.

In 2004, the merging has ended, has revised its strategy, and started to work


with strategic partners in the Arab world. Now, works with highly qualified and experienced local, regional, and international professionals to ensure a proper transfer of knowledge, experience, and best practices to its clients to improve their performance and competitiveness.

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